How to Help Your Injury Lawyer Win Your Case

Working with a personal injury attorney after an accident is helpful in recovering adequate compensation, but victims need to take specific actions to ensure their attorneys can do their jobs well. From using care with what they say to save the right evidence, these strategies will help ensure that personal injury attorneys are able to increase their clients’ overall recovery.

1. Victims Should Save All Evidence

Sometimes even the most insignificant items can make a difference in a personal injury case. The more evidence an injured party can preserve, the better. Anything related to the accident case, including insurance information, evidence of lost wages, medical records, and even pictures or video from the scene of the incident are important to a personal injury lawyer.

2. Victims Should Remain Silent

Talking with the other party can put a personal injury case in jeopardy. Victims should leave it up to their lawyers to talk to the other party and even non-involved parties. Even bragging to a coworker about a large settlement or minor injuries can be problematic. The only people victims should confide in completely are their own attorneys. They should only talk to medical providers about their medical needs, not the case itself. Victims should never talk to insurance pros, even for their own insurance, without their lawyer present.

3. Victims Should Rest

Those who are seeking compensation for physical injuries after an accident should not be performing physical activity after the accident. This could make the injuries worse and it can be used by the other party to show that the injuries are not as bad as the victim claims. If a victim is claiming that back pain from a car accident makes it impossible to work, yet is in the yard doing yard work or pulling weeds while off work, the other party could claim the injury was not severe enough to warrant compensation. Instead, victims should help their attorneys by following doctor’s orders and staying home to rest.

4. Victims Should Communicate

Finally, victims should communicate with their attorneys every step of the way. This helps the personal injury attorney ensure that a full and adequate compensation amount is awarded. After all, lawyers cannot seek compensation for losses they know nothing about.

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