Unsafe Parking Garages Leave Many Victims Fighting for Their Lives

As parking garages across the country continue to age, the safety features they contain become compromised. Safety rails and structures that were built decades ago may have suffered structural wear and tear, making them unsafe. A rise in incidents involving vehicles that have fallen from parking garages points to the serious nature of this problem. Many drivers have been left fighting for their lives as they experienced this unique type of car accident.

Driver Mistakes Combined with Poor Parking Garage Safety Creates Serious Problem

It only takes a moment for a driver to make a mistake that sends them toward the wall of a parking garage, rather than into the driving lane. Failing to put the car in reverse or, in the case a woman in Austin, Texas, a simple slip of the foot from the brake to the gas is all it takes to send a car in the wrong direction. The safety features of parking garages, including walls and cables on exterior walls, are designed to prevent a tragedy when these mistakes happen, but sadly many are insufficient to manage the power of modern vehicles. In the case of the Austin woman, who fell seven stories to the ground below, the injuries from these crashes are extensive and potentially life-threatening. These crashes also put other drivers and pedestrians at risk for secondary crashes. This is just one of many examples of these types of accidents, and most leave drivers fighting for their lives.

What Are Building Owners’ Responsibilities?

The owners of parking garages have a responsibility to keep their garages in good repair so people can park in them safely. Even if the driver was partially at fault for the accident, if the building was unsafe, the building’s owner can be held liable for the accident. In fact, many drivers turn to a car accidents lawyer to sue the parking garage company or owner for the damages they suffer.

Owners of parking garages that are older have a responsibility to inspect their buildings for problems and update their structures so that drivers are safe, even when accidents occur on occasion. Since many of these structures are decades old, they pose serious safety risks to today’s drivers. Sadly, a multi-story fall will cause serious, life-altering injuries.

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