What THC-Infused Beer Could Mean for Motorists in Las Vegas

Marijuana users in Las Vegas now have a new way to ingest cannabis through THC-infused beer, creating a potential risk for motorists. A Las Vegas dispensary has announced the development of an alcohol-free THC-infused beer drink. As the new brew hits the market, people are left wondering what the repercussions on the road will be.

What Is THC-Infused Beer?

THC-infused beer is a product introduced by Las Vegas ReLeaf Dispensary. The beer tastes and smells like real beer, but it contains no alcohol. Instead, it contains either 2.5 grams or 5 grams of THC per can. Drinkers can choose from a lager, IPA, wheat, stout, and ale flavors. This is in comparison to the 100 milligrams of THC contained in most drinks sold at dispensaries throughout Las Vegas.

The new drink has such a small amount of THC that many users can drink several of the cans in one sitting. It is designed to be marketed as a “lifestyle product” that people can drink recreationally, without getting completely stoned. It does have enough THC to make users feel a slight change after consuming, but not enough to be under the influence as much as they would be from smoking marijuana or using it in another form.

Still, this leaves questions in the minds of many as to what the new drink will mean for drivers. Will it be safe to drive after consuming it, or will drivers need to use caution on the road? Does this new drink create a new crash risk in Las Vegas roadways? It is difficult to tell at this time, but it is a question worth asking.

What THC-Infused Beer Could Mean for Area Motorists

Drivers who smoke marijuana have twice as much of a risk of crashing as those who do not. Though the amounts of marijuana in THC-infused beer are relatively low, they can still have a negative effect on drivers. In fact, the lower amounts of THC in the beer may lull people into thinking they can safely indulge in several drinks and then drive home after an event. Driving after drinking the new THC-infused beer, especially if too much is consumed, puts the driver at higher risk for a crash. Car accidents lawyers in Las Vegas are anticipating a higher rate of cases relating to drivers under the influence of THC-infused beer in the coming years.

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