Were You Injured in a Shuttle Bus Accident in Las Vegas?

A person who suffers injuries in a shuttle bus crash in Las Vegas and Nevada at large can sue the driver, the shuttle bus owner or company, and other at-fault third parties. The victim may recover a variety of compensatory damages.

The victim may be eligible for compensation even if he or she was partly liable for the shuttle bus accident. Comparative negligence laws in Nevada may allow the victim to obtain compensation, provided his or her liability was below 51%. He or she may also recover substantial punitive damages, especially if the accident was caused intentionally.

Filing a Negligence Lawsuit

Bringing a negligence claim against the responsible party or entity is the best step an accident victim in Nevada should take. The injured person must demonstrate the following aspects to obtain a favorable outcome in a negligence claim:

  • The defendant(s) had a duty of care to the victim;
  • The defendant(s) violated this duty;
  • The victim’s injury was a direct result of this violation; and
  • The injury led to damages.

Some examples of negligence situations that may result in shuttle accidents in Nevada include drunk or high shuttle drivers, unqualified shuttle drivers, distracted driving, and driving at excessive speed. Carrying too many passengers and failing to maintain the bus may also contribute to a shuttle bus accident.

Damages Available to Shuttle Accident Victims in Nevada

A shuttle accident victim may recover a range of compensatory damages, including medical expenses, lost past income, lost future income, emotional distress and pain, and/or wrongful death filed by the estate of the decedent. If the shuttle accident was caused by the defendant on purpose, then the victim may recover punitive damages on top of the compensatory damages.

By working with an accident lawyer in Las Vegas, the injured party stands a better chance of receiving reasonable monetary compensation. The accident lawyer can review the facts of the accident to determine whether the victim should accept an early settlement or carry on to trial.

Who Can the Accident Victim Sue?

A shuttle accident victim in Nevada may sue the shuttle driver, the shuttle owner or company, the shuttle manufacturer (if the vehicle had a mechanical defect), and/or any other person that may have compromised the vehicle’s safety. The injured person may also bring a negligence lawsuit against the local government, especially if the crash was partly a result of poorly maintained roads or faulty signage.

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