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Product Liability Law Firm of Las Vegas

Consumers have the right to be safe while using the products they purchase. Manufacturers of everything from automobiles to electric fans have a legal obligation to design and manufacture products that won’t cause harm. When they fail to uphold this responsibility, Cliff W. Marcek, PC is a product liability lawyer in Las Vegas that can hold them accountable.

Consumer Protection Attorneys

Product liability law encompasses a broad spectrum of claims. These include claims for defective household goods, contaminated food products, faulty electronics, and malfunctioning automobile components. Defective products can cause serious illness, permanent injuries, and property damage. In the most egregious instances, they can even cause death. If the defective product has caused a fatality, then you may also pursue a wrongful death claim.

An individual does not need to be the purchaser or user of a product in order to file a product liability lawsuit. Individuals who have been given defective products such as cold medicine or foodstuffs can file a product liability claim. Additionally, product liability claims may be filed by individuals who are injured by a defective product, such as a flying lawn mower blade from a landscaper’s machine.

Compensation for Victims of Defective Products

A product liability lawyer in Las Vegas can help you recover damages for your injuries. These funds can be used to cover medical bills, replace lost wages, provide compensation for any diminished earning capacity that results from your injuries, and to replace/repair property that has been damaged or destroyed. In addition, you shall receive compensation for pain and suffering and if the conduct of the defendant is egregious, you can receive punitive damages.”

When defective products are sold to consumers, it is not just the manufacturer who may be responsible. Depending on circumstances, there are many individuals and entities within the chain of distribution who may be liable. Responsible parties may include the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer whose actions have caused the defects. These entities may also be held accountable if they had specific knowledge that the product contained a defect that had the potential to cause physical harm or damage to property.

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Product liability lawsuits are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that no fees or expenses are collected from plaintiffs until a settlement is reached. In Nevada, individuals may file a product liability claim up to two years after the use of a product. It is advisable to file a claim as soon possible in order to receive the compensation needed to cover expenses and help you move forward.