Need Help Paying Medical Bills After a Las Vegas Crash?

A victim of a Las Vegas crash may use private health insurance or government health insurance like Medicaid or Medicare to cover his or her medical bills. He or she may also use his or her Med Pay insurance or work with a doctor who is ready to accept a Nevada medical lien. These options are available to an accident victim, especially when he or she cannot wait for a court-ordered award or settlement agreement.

Private and Government Health Insurance

Nevada private health insurance and government health insurance like Medicaid and Medicare are “no-fault” policies. As such, they will cover the victim’s medical bills if he or she can prove that such expenses are valid. These policies lack a lifetime maximum cap on payments. They, however, have an annual maximum cap on out-of-pocket expenses. Once the victim’s expenses go above this amount, these policies will cover 100% of qualified expenses.

The Nevada Insurer’s “subrogation right” requires the victim to repay private and government health insurance providers if he or she wins a case or obtains an out-of-court settlement. This subrogation right, however, takes effect only if the accident victim receives money from another person or entity.

Nevada Med Pay Auto Insurance

Nevada Med Pay is an optional coverage that Nevada drivers can add to their auto insurance policies. Of course, they must choose it and pay for it separately. If an accident victim has Med Pay, then the auto insurance provider must pay his or her medical bills up to the coverage maximum. Med Pay is a great choice for a victim of a Las Vegas car crash because:

  • It’s a zero-deductible plan
  • It covers medical bills even when the policyholder is at fault
  • It pays medical practitioners like chiropractors
  • It applies even when the policyholder is a passenger in another person’s car or a pedestrian
  • Money received from Med Pay cannot be used to pay back health insurance providers
  • Passengers in the policyholder’s car are covered.

Giving a Doctor or a Hospital a Nevada Medical Lien

Doctors or hospitals in Nevada that accept a medical lien get reimbursed from the earnings of a lawsuit or settlement agreement. The accident victim is, however, responsible for expenses that go above any resultant injury settlement amount. In addition to negotiating a bigger settlement for the victim, a Las Vegas car accident lawyer can also negotiate for a reasonable bill from the medical provider.

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