Distracted Driving Invoved in Majority of Accidents

Distracted driving has now become a contributing factor in a majority of accidents in Nevada and elsewhere. Despite numerous studies showing the dangers of using cell phones while driving, people continue to do so, and accidents often result. When people are victims of distracted drivers and suffer serious injuries, a personal injury lawyer may help them to hold the drivers accountable for their negligent actions.

Distracted Driving a Prevalent Problem

In a broad-based study of drivers involved in an auto collision, Cambridge Mobile Telematics found that drivers were using their cell phones in 52 percent of the crashes. The study involved hundreds of thousands of accidents. The drivers were traveling at an average of 56 miles per hour at the time of their collisions and were distracted for an average of two minutes and 15 seconds. The researchers also found that the three most common types of cell phone distractions in the crashes were texting, emailing and using social media while driving.

Cell phone use while driving is also riskier than some other problematic driving behaviors. The researchers found that people who use cell phones while they drive have a 3.4 times greater risk of being involved in accidents. Conversely, people who speed have a three times higher risk of accident involvement, and people who brake hard have a 1.8 times higher risk of getting into accidents.

What Can be Done?

Despite awareness campaigns, people continue to use their cell phones while driving. In order to help reduce the incidence of distracted driving, a personal injury lawyer recommends that people should only use their cell phones in their vehicles in the case of emergencies. It may be smart for drivers to turn their phones off while they are driving and to store them in their consoles so that they will not be tempted by them.

Parents should make clear rules forbidding cell phone use while driving for their teenagers, and the parents should make certain to follow the rules themselves so that they model good driving behavior. In addition to avoiding using cell phones while driving, it is also important for people to not try to multitask while they drive, keep the number of passengers in their cars to a minimum and try not to eat while driving. This may help to prevent auto accidents.

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