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Some Flame Retardants May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Recent studies have pointed to the potential dangers of certain flame retardants, spurring lawmakers and agencies to activate new rules concerning these products. While these products help protect against sudden combustion, they may pose serious health risks. Flame Retardant History Flame retardants depend on the chemical reaction that prevents flammability when products are treated with these chemicals. Flame retardant chemicals […]

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Do Gun Makers and Dealers Have a License to Kill?

In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in history, new gun regulations are being considered including a possible repeal of a law that provides special protection to gun manufacturers. Two of the most critical regulations being considered by lawmakers include: Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act This law was originally enacted in 2005 to insulate the gun industry […]

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When Defective Toys Injure Children

Christmas gifts that bring joy and pleasure to children can also bring pain and suffering. When defective toys become dangerous, parents and guardians can pursue product liability and personal injury claims against the company’s that produce and sell these dangerous items. Injuries Caused by Defective Toys Defective children’s toys can harm children in many ways, including the following: Burns. Toys […]

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The Dangers of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries available in consumer elecronics are prone to catching fire and causing serious personal injuries in the process. Utilized for their performance and powerful capabilities, Li-ion batteries have a checkered history that’s full of failures. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 The most recent series of failures involve the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The much anticipated cell phone had a […]

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