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La Bonita Supermarket Collapse: Here’s Who Could Be Liable for Injuries

The supermarket management, construction company or contractors, building materials manufacturer, and architects are the potentially liable parties in the La Bonita Supermarket collapse. The Las Vegas supermarket partially collapsed on August 13, 2021, injuring at least four people. Reportedly, only the front section of the building collapsed.

Potentially Liable Parties in the La Bonita Supermarket Collapse

The La Bonita Supermarket Management

If the ongoing investigations reveal that the La Bonita supermarket collapsed due to a lack of regular maintenance, then the management could be liable for the injuries. The supermarket management has a legal duty to ensure its building is reasonably safe for employees, customers, nearby residents, and passersby at all times.

The management could be legally responsible if it knew the building had a structural defect but failed to take reasonable steps to fix it. It could also be liable if it failed to close the supermarket on time, notify other nearby businesses, and put up clear warning signs.

Construction Company or Contractors

If the La Bonita building developed a structural defect during the construction process, the responsible construction company or contractor may be legally responsible for injuries sustained by the accident victims. A defect can arise when construction workers make mistakes or take shortcuts during the construction process. Even a minor structural defect can cause a building to collapse if left unaddressed.


Substandard and defective building materials can lead to structural failure. If this was the case, then the manufacturer may be held legally responsible for selling substandard and defective materials.

Architectural Company or Architects

A building can also collapse due to a defect in the original design. If investigations prove beyond reasonable doubt that a design defect caused the collapse of the La Bonita Supermarket, then the architectural company or architect that designed it could be held liable.

Recovering Damages After the La Bonita Collapse Accident

A person injured in the La Bonita Supermarket collapse accident may recover the following damages:

  • Medical costs – Initial and ongoing medical care costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss or reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

The injured party can recover these damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the supermarket management and other liable third parties. An accident lawyer in Las Vegas who has skills and resources can carry out rigorous investigations to determine liable parties and obtain required evidence to make the injury lawsuit successful.

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