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Nevada has abolished the “one bite rule” for dogs

It is not accurate to refer to Nevada as a “one bite state.” Nevada’s Supreme Court has ruled in that “one free bite” is not an acceptable premise in tort law. Nevada does not have statewide dog bite statutes, but dog bite victims do have legal recourse. Dog bite lawsuits in Nevada are determined according to the doctrines of negligence. That means that whether or not the owner of the dog or person with custody of the dog exercised reasonable care to ensure the dog would not bite someone unprovoked is a primary consideration in most dog bite cases.

Factors that affect dog bite cases

Counties and cities can still have their own laws pertaining to dogs, and violation of these laws can result in higher liability for the person with custody of the dog. Most municipalities have established leash laws. Failing to abide by leash laws can constitute negligence on the part of the owner or even a dog walker hired by the owner. If the dog’s owner or custodian knew the dog had bitten someone previously or acted as if it wanted to bite someone without being provoked, the dog bite victim may be entitled to punitive damages in addition to compensation for their injuries.

Negligence refers to the lack of reasonable care or behavior. If the dog bite victim was trespassing, taunting the dog, or inadvertently provoked the dog, it could affect the dog owner’s liability in the case. Lawyers in Las Vegas are knowledgeable about all local and state laws that may be factors in dog bite injury claims.

A dog’s history can be a significant factor

If a dog was mistreated by a previous owner or the current owner, it could result in the dog behaving aggressively or biting someone without any provocation. The same is true if a dog has been trained as a guard dog. The owner should take precautions to prevent the dog from attacking innocent people like meter readers, postal workers, or curious children who are too young to realize the potential danger. A malnourished, dehydrated, or otherwise injured dog could pose threat to people. Any history of aggressive or nervous behavior and how the owner has cared for the dog can be factors in a dog bite case.

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