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Run-Ins with the TSA Lead to Embarrassment and Injury

Personal Injury Attorney Las Vegas | Lawsuit Against TSA

A recent case against the TSA and the airport where they worked claims that they assaulted a disabled young woman. To speak to a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, call 702.366.7076.

A lawsuit filed against the Transportation Security Administration claims that a disabled 19-year-old received harsh physical treatment during a security screening, causing substantial injury. This has advocacy groups struggling to find solutions to train TSA agents to respond in an appropriate manner when dealing with those with special needs.

The Case Against the TSA

A young woman and her mother were returning home after she finished a medical treatment when she set off a medical detector. When she singled out for a more thorough screening, a conflict arose. The lawsuit claims that the woman’s disability limited her ability to speak, see, hear and care for herself and that impacted her ability to interact with others.

When the alarm sounded and TSA agents responded, the lawsuit claims that she became disoriented. When she attempted to flee, agents and security officers pushed her to the ground and handcuffed her, hitting her head on the floor during the struggle. She was arrested and spent the night in jail before all charges were dropped.

The suit against the TSA and the airport alleges that officers and security agents discriminated against the young woman, causing physical and emotional injury. It also claims that the girl and her mother were not appropriately accommodated.

Finding Solutions and Preventing Future Injuries

In February, a new TSA training academy opened. Before this time, most of the training consisted of reviewing pictures to learn about possible security scenarios. TSA agents are trained to contact law enforcement officers during certain situations and do not have the authority to make arrests. The new training program may provide more extensive training, so that situations such as the one described can be prevented. These changes are being closely watched by personal injury attorneys and disability advocates.

Unfortunately, incidents regarding the TSA are not uncommon. They have frequently come under fire for certain practices, including the use of full-body scans. TSA agents are not authorized to carry weapons or handcuffs, though private security officers may be. Those who have been injured as the result of another’s actions may be eligible to file a lawsuit. Personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas can provide additional information regarding lawsuits resulting from injuries caused by the TSA, security officers and other airport personnel.

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