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The Dangers of Inadequate Warning Labels

When products are not labeled with pertinent warnings it can result in serious injuries and even death. Manufacturers have a duty to warn consumers of known dangers about their products. If they fail to provide adequate warnings, injured consumers may consider legal recourse.

Types of Warnings

The necessary product warning depends on the nature of the product and any associated risks of using the product. Some products may have inherent dangers, such as sharp objects that could injure someone who mishandles them. Other products are dangerous under certain conditions, like items that may combust at high temperatures.

Warnings may inform consumers to keep the item out of certain locations, such as out of the reach of children. Warnings may also indicate the temperature that the product should be stored at. Other products may specify that they should not be consumed and may include a number for a poison hotline if the product is accidentally ingested. Tools may include warnings about how to avoid injury, such as keeping a shield on the product. Other labels may warn against exposure to water due to the possibility of electrocution.

Reasons for Warnings

Warnings are applied to products based on what could happen under certain circumstances or because a consumer has been injured in the manner described in the warning. For example, a consumer may have touched a product when it was hot and sustained a burn injury. The warning may be created to avoid further misuse of the product.

Effective Ways to Warn Consumers

Warnings must be adequate to avoid liability and a personal injury lawyer pursuing a claim against the manufacturer. Warnings should be clear in nature. An iconic image can help declare the potential danger, such as poison or electrocution. The warning should be prominent on the product so the consumer can clearly see it. The warning should use a clear word that defines it, such as “danger” or “hazard.” The warning should explain if the product can cause injury through its standard use.

Dangers of Inadequate Warnings

When manufacturers do not take care in devising and applying warning labels, a consumer may not be aware of a certain danger and may suffer a serious injury as a result. He or she may experience burns, amputations, cuts, electrocution, shock or other injuries due to the lack of a proper warning label.

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