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Fake Cameras, Signs Give Guests a False Sense of Security

Property owners who install fake security cameras to help prevent crimes on the premises may be opening the door to a lawsuit if guests or customers are injured. While many criminals are able to easily identify fake security cameras, they can lead guests, employees, and residents of the property to believe the area is under constant surveillance and thereby safer for them and their personal property.

Do fake cameras work?

Countless suspects have been captured and numerous crimes are solved across the country every day thanks to real security cameras, but dummy cameras may do more harm than good. Fake cameras give the impression that a property is protected by a security system, which can cause guests and customers to let down their guard. With a false sense of security, people might travel in areas that appear to be under surveillance, relying on the non-working cameras to help keep them safe, but these cameras rarely deter criminals. While the installation of fake cameras may be viewed as a low-cost alternative to legitimate security systems, the dummy cameras are worthless when a crime actually occurs and can cause the property owner to be liable for a substantial amount of money if someone is attacked.

Security companies monitor their cameras and alarms 24/7. If there is some indication of trouble, they quickly assess the situation and call authorities accordingly. Since properties with fake security cameras rarely employ armed guards, and the dummy cameras don’t record anything that can be monitored, victims are at risk for suffering significant injuries before anyone is notified or intervenes if they are attacked.

The true costs of fake cameras

Criminals often seek out targets that appear the most vulnerable. Properties without any security system in place are almost three times more likely to be burglarized than those with some type of security system. The sound of an alarm will often discourage a burglar from continuing. The low-cost alternative of fake cameras and signs provide no protection but come with a great deal of potential legal liability. It can be much more costly to have fake cameras and signs than none at all.

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