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The Dangers of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries available in consumer elecronics are prone to catching fire and causing serious personal injuries in the process. Utilized for their performance and powerful capabilities, Li-ion batteries have a checkered history that’s full of failures.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The most recent series of failures involve the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The much anticipated cell phone had a less than satisfactory launch. To date, there have been 35 incidents of overheating. These incidents have caused personal injuries including severe burns to their users. The fires are being caused when the thin sheet of plastic separating the positive/negative sides of the battery is punctured. If the battery short-circuits it can heat up the flammable liquid electrolyte within the battery. If this heating occurs rapidly, the device can explode without warning. The considerable danger led TSA to ban them from US commercial flights.

Warnings About e-Cigarettes

These problems are similar to problems experienced by users of e-cigarettes. To date, there have been 134 confirmed reports of e-cigarettes exploding. These explosions have occurred while the devices are charging, and while individuals are using them. Each of these explosions and fires occurred due to failures of the lithium ion battery. As with most lithium ion battery fires and explosions, these incidents have occurred suddenly and with no visible sign of failure or damage prior the devices erupting.

Personal Injuries & Lithium Ion Batteries

Whether it is an e-cigarette, a cell phone, laptop, or other device, a lithium ion battery explosion can cause serious harm and injury to the user and anyone nearby. The explosions can send shards of plastic, metal, and glass throughout the immediate vicinity. The power of the explosion can damage soft tissues, break bones, knock teeth out, and cause permanent injury to hearing, taste, and eyesight.

Moreover, lithium ion battery fires emit toxic fumes and chemicals as they burn. Inhalation of these fumes can cause permanent respiratory damage which can have a considerable impact on an individual’s life and lifestyle.

Manufacturer’s Liability

Manufacturer’s of devices that use lithium ion batteries are responsible for ensuring that their devices won’t malfunction and cause harm to users. When a manufacturer’s device malfunctions and causes a personal injury, they are liable for the injuries the device causes. Injured parties and their personal injury lawyer can file personal injury and product liability claims against the manufacturer. These claims can include damages for immediate medical expenses, lost wages, long-term treatment/care, and loss of quality of life.

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