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Will a Personal Injury Lawsuit Make David Copperfield’s Money Disappear

World-famous magician David Copperfield could stand to lose a significant chunk of money as a result of a personal injury lawsuit stemming from an incident that occurred in 2013 when an audience member was injured while participating in a trick. Recently, a judge ordered the magician to share the secret to his trick to determine whether or not the injured party had a case. Business owners of all types, including Las Vegas entertainers, have a responsibility to provide a safe experience to their clientele.

Audience Member Injury Puts Copperfield’s Wealth at Risk

In the lawsuit, an audience member named Gavin Cox is suing Copperfield and the MGM Grand Casino for negligence with the help of a premises liability lawyer. The injured man was participating in Copperfield’s “Lucky #13” trick, wherein he was ushered through back hallways in the casino. The plan was for him to appear in a different location in the theater. During this move, he claims to have slipped on dust and debris in the hallway and injured himself. He also states that the staff did not provide guidance but simply hurried him through the passageways, which also led to his fall. He was treated immediately for a dislocated shoulder, but the lawsuit claims he is also suffering ongoing pain and brain injury symptoms. According to the lawsuit, Mr. Cox sustained $400,000 in medical bills. Though Copperfield cited the magician’s code as a reason not to reveal his trick, the courts overruled and asked him to explain the trick to determine whether or not he was liable.

Why Copperfield Might Be Considered Liable

While the injury is unfortunate, many of Copperfield’s fans have wondered why he is getting sued. According to premises liability law, the magician and MGM had a responsibility to provide a safe environment to the participants. If the passageways were filled with dust and debris, as Cox and his premises liability lawyer claim, then they failed to fulfill this duty. Should the courts rule in favor of Cox, Copperfield may have to pay a significant sum to help cover the bills as well as the pain and suffering the injured man has faced.

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