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Las Vegas Casinos Are Gambling with Inadequate Security

Negligent security is a contributing factor for many of the violent attacks that are committed against tourists and natives in Nevada Casinos each year. Owners of night clubs, casinos, hotels, restaurants and other establishments may have a duty to provide adequate security to protect their patrons. If they fail to meet this duty, they may face claims of inadequate security.

Premises Liability

Premises liability refers to the principles regarding a property owner’s responsibilities to maintain safe conditions of the property and the liability that can result if he or she does not maintain them. A property owner may be held liable when a person is injured on his or her property due to issues, such as:

  • Inadequately stored items
  • Poor lighting
  • Failure to warn patrons of dangers on the property
  • Failure to warn patrons of known criminal activity
  • Inadequate security

Owner Responsibilities

Casino patrons are often targeted by criminals. Criminals may steal from them or assault them with the hope of running off with their winnings. For many years, Nevada law did not require a property owner to protect others from a criminal act by a third party. An important exception to this rule was that property owners had a responsibility to patrons when they were on the owner’s property for his financial gain. Property owners often have the legal duty to determine if crimes are occurring on the property, to warn customers of these incidences and to protect them through adequate security, such as electronic monitoring and by employing skilled security guards. Property owners have the duty to protect patrons from foreseeable criminal acts by providing adequate security.

Claims for Inadequate Security

If property owners fail to provide adequate security, they may be held liable for injuries that their patrons sustain through criminal acts of third parties. A personal injury attorney in Las Vegas may file a lawsuit against a negligent casino to seek compensation for the victim’s injuries. To establish negligence, an injury attorney must establish that the property owner owed a duty to provide adequate security to its patrons, that it failed to do so and this failure resulted in the patron’s injury. Adequate security can mean different things in different cases. Inadequate security may exist when there is an insufficient number of guards, electronic surveillance was not working, proper emergency response procedures were not in place or other circumstances based on the physical layout of the casino existed.

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