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When Las Vegas Businsses Let the Bedbugs Bite

When Las Vegas property owners and corporate entities fail to protect people from bed bug infestations that cause injuries, they can be held liable. Individuals who are injured have the right to seek compensation because landlords and hotel owners have a legal responsibility to provide premises that are fit for human habitation. Bed bugs can be found in even the best, most luxurious hotels, exceptional hospitals and top apartment complexes throughout Las Vegas. Injured individuals need to understand their rights in these cases.

Understanding How Bed Bugs Are Spread

Bed bugs are easily spread from people to property, and even the cleanest property can quickly become infested. Bed bugs can stow away on luggage and clothing, and they often hide in soiled laundry bags. Once the bugs find a good hiding place at a property combined with a food source, they will multiply rapidly. All it takes is one customer to come into a property with bed bugs in his or her suitcase to create an infestation.

Injured Parties Have the Right to Seek Compensation

When a Las Vegas business becomes infested with bed bugs, the injured party has the right to seek compensation. The business’s owner has a legal responsibility to protect customers and clients from undue risk, including the risk of injury from bed bugs. In Nevada, hotel rooms that have become infested with bed bugs must be fumigated, disinfected or renovated until the pests are completely exterminated. When property owners fail to protect individuals from bed bugs, victims can seek compensation for immediate medical bills, corrective surgery to fix scarring, replacement of clothing or luggage that was infested, lost wages, and the pain and suffering the bed bug infestation caused.

How Individuals Can Defend Themselves Against Bed Bug Attacks

To help protect themselves against bed bug attacks, individuals should carefully inspect couches and beds for signs of bugs, and avoid using furniture that appears to be infested. Unfortunately, bed bugs are tiny and hide easily, and it’s not always possible to spot them. Those who have been injured have the right to seek the help of a premises liability attorney to help them fight for compensation to pay for the damages they’ve endured, so they can focus on healing from the injuries these pests caused.

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