When 911 Won’t Answer Your Calls

When emergency dispatchers do not answer 911 calls, they can be held liable for the injuries and fatalities that result from their negligence. Those who are left injured or grieving a loss when 911 dispatchers do not answer need to understand their rights in the days ahead. Failure to Answer Contributed to Death of Michigan Man In 2018 a Michigan […]

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What THC-Infused Beer Could Mean for Motorists in Las Vegas

Marijuana users in Las Vegas now have a new way to ingest cannabis through THC-infused beer, creating a potential risk for motorists. A Las Vegas dispensary has announced the development of an alcohol-free THC-infused beer drink. As the new brew hits the market, people are left wondering what the repercussions on the road will be. What Is THC-Infused Beer? THC-infused […]

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Understanding Attractive Nuisance in Nevada

Under the attractive nuisance doctrine, property owners have a duty to take reasonable steps to keep children safe and they can sometimes be held liable when child trespassers are injured. If a property has a dangerous feature that might be of interest to children, enticing them to enter the property to play, the owner could be liable for injuries if […]

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How to Help Your Injury Lawyer Win Your Case

Working with a personal injury attorney after an accident is helpful in recovering adequate compensation, but victims need to take specific actions to ensure their attorneys can do their jobs well. From using care with what they say to save the right evidence, these strategies will help ensure that personal injury attorneys are able to increase their clients’ overall recovery. […]

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Car Accident Prevention: Are Your Brakes Failing?

Recognizing the warning signs of failing brakes can reduce the risk of a car accident. The majority of car crashes are caused by driver error. In accidents that occur because of vehicle problems, issues with the brakes are responsible for approximately 22 percent. Experts recommend watching for the following signs that indicate brake failure and having vehicles checked out by […]

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