Month: September 2021

Mishandling of Corpses in Nevada: Recovering Compensation for the Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

When a loved one passes there is an expectation that his or her body will be treated with unsurpassable dignity and respect. When a funeral home is negligent in meeting these expectations it adds tremendous grief and emotional pain to loved ones who are already experiencing so much. If staff mishandle remains they have breached their duty of care. The […]

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Special Medical Equipment Often Needed by Accident Victims

Wheelchairs, prosthetics, walking aids, and orthotic devices, like braces, are the most common special medical equipment required by accident victims. All of the aforementioned medical equipment can significantly enhance the quality of an accident victim’s life following a severe or disabling injury. Although the victim may continue facing challenges every day, the appropriate medical equipment can speed up recovery while […]

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