Month: August 2021

Who Is Liable in Bikeshare Accidents?

Motorists, bikeshare companies, bike manufacturers, municipalities, and bikeshare users themselves are the most common liable parties in bike share accidents. Bikeshare riders are prone to bicycle accidents, especially on busy city streets, which can result in severe injuries or even fatalities. Common Liable Parties in Bikeshare Accidents Motorists Most of the bikeshare crashes involving cars are a result of drivers […]

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Were You Injured in a Shuttle Bus Accident in Las Vegas?

A person who suffers injuries in a shuttle bus crash in Las Vegas and Nevada at large can sue the driver, the shuttle bus owner or company, and other at-fault third parties. The victim may recover a variety of compensatory damages. The victim may be eligible for compensation even if he or she was partly liable for the shuttle bus […]

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Need Help Paying Medical Bills After a Las Vegas Crash?

A victim of a Las Vegas crash may use private health insurance or government health insurance like Medicaid or Medicare to cover his or her medical bills. He or she may also use his or her Med Pay insurance or work with a doctor who is ready to accept a Nevada medical lien. These options are available to an accident […]

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