Month: July 2021

These Intersections Are the Most Dangerous in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has some of the deadliest highways and intersections in the U.S. Many accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities happen in this city because of the many law-breaking drivers. Many of these drivers run red lights and drive while distracted or impaired. The Allstate Best Driver’s Report shows that Las Vegas drivers have a 21% higher risk […]

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Does Advanced Technology Increase the Risk of a Crash?

Advances in-car technological features are a mixed blessing – they can reduce or increase the risk of car crashes, depending on how they are utilized by drivers. Some advanced technological features, like automatic braking, significantly reduce incidences of car accidents while others, like adaptive cruise control (ACC), increase car crash risks, especially when misused. Impact of Smartphone Use on Driving […]

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Did You Slip and Fall in a Casino?

Casinos owners in Las Vegas may be held liable if a person slips and falls and gets seriously injured while legally on their premises. They have a duty of care to maintain their premises reasonably safe for lawful visitors. Depending on the type and impact of the slip and fall accident, a victim may suffer minor or life-changing injuries. Knowing […]

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