Month: January 2019

Picking Up Groceries, Discount Items, and Legionnaire’s Disease at Your Local Walmart

Shoppers heading to Walmart and other stores for groceries or everyday items could return home with Legionnaires’ disease. Produce water sprays, public fountains, plumbing systems, and cooling towers are prime breeding grounds for the Legionella bacteria that causes the disease. When people contract the disease after exposure in a Nevada store, they may be able to hold the company and […]

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Technology Is Killing Motorists

In-vehicle technology is supposed to make driving safer and more convenient, but recent studies have shown that the cognitive and visual demands of in-vehicle technology are actually increasing the risk of deadly collisions. Even just simple tasks like entering data into an on-screen navigation system can distract a driver for as many as 40 seconds. This is alarming information for […]

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When celebrities cause car accidents that injure others or take someone’s life, they should be held accountable for their actions just like anyone else. Many celebrities have been the “at fault” drivers in accidents that left people injured or dead. Distracted driving, drinking, and drug use are often factors in these crashes. While many celebrity car crashes result in large […]

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