Month: September 2018

Who Is Liable for Automatic Gate Injuries?

Negligence, human error or equipment malfunction can cause automatic gate accidents and property owners, service providers, and manufacturers may be liable for injuries and other losses. Automatic gates have caused property damage, disabling injuries, and even fatalities. Types of Liability in Automatic Gate Accidents When an automatic gate malfunctions, the weight, and force of a moving gate can easily maim […]

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Did Faulty Car Parts Cause Your Crash?

When a car accident occurs and defective parts are a factor, pinpointing liability is often challenging because a number of factors may be involved and more than one entity could be at fault. In some cases, both a driver and a manufacturer may be to blame. Common Product Failures That Lead to Car Accident Injuries Some common product failures that […]

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Visiting a sporting event should be an enjoyable outing, but when someone is injured or killed while in the stadium, determining who is liable is not always easy. Does the fan assume the risk and forfeit any right to sue? Is the facility at fault due to poor construction or maintenance? Could another entity be to blame? Answering these questions […]

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