Month: June 2018

Shedding Some Light on Car Accidents at Night

Driving at night raises the risk of car accidents significantly because of reduced visibility, driver fatigue, and increased drug and alcohol use. Although driving during the nighttime hours typically means less traffic, over 40 percent of all road fatalities occur after the sun goes down. The risk of a traffic accident that causes a fatality is three times higher for […]

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Don’t Let Trailer Sway Put a Hitch in Your Trip

A swaying trailer is a dangerous driving condition that can be caused by weather, traffic conditions, driver negligence or inexperience. Swaying can cause drivers to lose control as the trailer fishtails behind the tow vehicle, resulting in property damage and serious injuries. An Unexpected Hazard Leaving McHenry on a family outing with the RV towed behind can be an exciting […]

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World-famous magician David Copperfield could stand to lose a significant chunk of money as a result of a personal injury lawsuit stemming from an incident that occurred in 2013 when an audience member was injured while participating in a trick. Recently, a judge ordered the magician to share the secret to his trick to determine whether or not the injured […]

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