Month: May 2018

$18.7 Million Verdict Raises Awareness About Unsafe Truck and Bus Designs

Truck and bus designs that are unsafe put pedestrians and cyclists at tremendous risk, and a recent verdict of nearly $19 million highlights just how high this risk is. In a recent wrongful death and product liability lawsuit, the family of a deceased cyclist who was killed due to the poor design of a bus was awarded $18.7 million in […]

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A variety of factors contribute to the large number of pedestrian deaths that occur each year in the United States. While distracted drivers, impaired motorists, and risky driving behaviors cause a large number of fatalities, the actions of pedestrians themselves also cause deadly accidents. A review of the risk factors might help people understand why so many pedestrians are getting […]

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Unsafe Parking Garages Leave Many Victims Fighting for Their Lives

As parking garages across the country continue to age, the safety features they contain become compromised. Safety rails and structures that were built decades ago may have suffered structural wear and tear, making them unsafe. A rise in incidents involving vehicles that have fallen from parking garages points to the serious nature of this problem. Many drivers have been left […]

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