Month: April 2018

Fake Cameras, Signs Give Guests a False Sense of Security

Property owners who install fake security cameras to help prevent crimes on the premises may be opening the door to a lawsuit if guests or customers are injured. While many criminals are able to easily identify fake security cameras, they can lead guests, employees, and residents of the property to believe the area is under constant surveillance and thereby safer […]

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A Perfect Storm of Factors Has Created a Death Trap for Pedestrians

A combination of factors including an improved economy, lower gas prices, and increased instances of impaired driving and smartphone use has caused the death toll to rise for pedestrians. An estimated 5,984 pedestrians died in motor vehicle accidents in 2017. A study by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) found that pedestrians account for approximately 16 percent of all motor […]

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Understanding the risks of unsafe tires and knowing what to look for can help motorists ensure that their tires are safe. Worn or defective tires cause approximately 11,000 auto accidents every year, injuring about 6,000 people and taking the lives of 200 more. A study by the National Highway Traffic Administration of 11,500 light-duty trucks, cars, and SUVs found that […]

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