Month: February 2018

Densely populated events can make individuals more susceptible to serious crowd crush injuries. Concerts, sporting events, festivals, and shows make Las Vegas prime breeding grounds for large crowd injuries and deaths. Tourists and residents should be familiar with the dangers of crowds and the safety precautions that prevent injuries. (Article continues below infographic) Dangers of Crowds Between 1992 and 2002, […]

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Pulling the Trigger on Gun Injuries in the U.S

Gunshot injuries have increased in prevalence and severity in recent years and about 35% of victims are injured in shootings that are accidental. Increased awareness about gun safety can help prevent gun accidents that cause serious injuries and death. Gunshot Injuries Can Affect Anyone Almost 705,000 people were treated in emergency departments due to gun injuries between 2006 and 2014, […]

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Making the Switch to Self-Driving Cars

Although driverless technology will help add around $7 trillion to the global economy and potentially save countless lives, there are still a few hurdles involved with making the switch. Technical difficulties, decision-making capabilities, human-robot interaction and liability concerns continue to be roadblocks that designers, engineers, manufacturers, and lawmakers have yet to overcome. Deficiencies with Self-Driving Cars Autonomous car technology is […]

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