Month: December 2017

Pandemonium in the Parking Lot (When Black Friday Shoppers Take it Outside)

While Black Friday injuries often entail in-store tug-of-wars over limited items or people being crushed by anxious crowds stampeding through the doors, parking lot accidents and altercations also increase during these holiday events. Increased distractions, large crowds, and parking lot road rage contribute to fender benders, backover accidents, and violent behaviors that lead to serious injuries or even death. Retailers […]

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Failure to Vaccinate Is Making People Sick

Parents throughout the nation have chosen to opt out of routine childhood vaccinations, and as a result, the health and well-being of young children and the elderly are at stake. When victims become sick or lose their lives as a result of the failure to vaccinate, patients or their surviving family members can file a personal injury claim for negligence […]

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Vehicle occupants, bicyclists, and pedestrians can experience severe, disabling or even deadly injuries from secondary collisions. A secondary collision refers to any crash event that results from the impact of an initial collision. A common occurrence in Las Vegas and throughout the U.S., secondary collisions are among the most dangerous phases of crashes and frequently result in incapacitating and deadly […]

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