Month: November 2017

Do Gun Makers and Dealers Have a License to Kill?

In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in history, new gun regulations are being considered including a possible repeal of a law that provides special protection to gun manufacturers. Two of the most critical regulations being considered by lawmakers include: Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act This law was originally enacted in 2005 to insulate the gun industry […]

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Many car seats are not installed or used correctly, resulting in serious injuries to children when the driver gets in a car accident. Properly installing a car seat is likely to improve child safety in the event of a car accident. (Article continues below infographic) Importance of Proper Installation of Car Seats About 75 percent of car seats are not […]

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These Safety Features Are Getting Drivers’ Attention

Car manufacturers are attempting to address the dangers of distracted driving and help consumers avoid accidents by adding new safety features to their vehicles. By acknowledging the role of distracted driving, car manufacturers have taken proactive steps to target this dangerous practice. Distracted Driving Dangers Today’s average consumer is much busier than consumers in previous generations. Drivers are often balancing […]

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