Month: August 2017

Three Laws that Can Affect Your Car Accident Claim

A few key laws in Nevada regarding personal injury claims can make or break a case. Plaintiffs should have a clear understanding of the following laws and how they may impact their case: Time Limit to File a Claim One of the most important laws regarding car accident claims in Nevada is the statute of limitations. This is the deadline […]

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If My Child was Injured while Trespassing, Can I still Sue?

When an adult trespasser is harmed on a property, he may not be able to sue because the landowner owes no duty to him, but this principle may not be applied when the trespasser is a child. Nevada‚Äôs premises liability laws and attractive nuisance doctrine may provide a path for recovery when a child is injured on the property of […]

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If an insurance company denies a valid insurance claim, the insured may decide to pursue a case for bad faith against the insurance company. If the insured prevails, the damages can be significant. (Article continues below Infographic) Bad Faith Insurance Elements In Nevada, when an insurance company is in contract with an insured individual or business, it has the duty […]

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