Month: April 2017

Important Information About Nevada Dog Bite Laws

Nevada does not currently have a statewide dog bit statute. However, it does have Statute 202.500 regarding dangerous or vicious dogs. This statute characterizes any dog as a “dangerous” dog if it, without provocation, has on two different occasions in 18 months, behaved menacingly to someone to a degree that they had to defend themselves because the dog was off […]

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Proving that An Insurance Company Acted in Bad Faith

When a Nevada insurance company violates its duty to act in good faith, the insureds must prove the legal elements of insurance bad faith in order to prevail in lawsuits against the company. The Nevada Supreme Court recognized the tort of insurance bad faith in 1975, allowing insured Nevadans to file lawsuits against their insurance companies when the companies have […]

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Teen Driver Safety Programs to Make Nevada Roads Safer

To help make roads safer, a more intense focus has been placed on teen driver safety in Nevada. Although the state has been ranked as one of the top 10 safest states for teen drivers, there is still room for improvement. It is hoped that the Nevada GDL program, the Parent’s Supervised Driving program, and the Nevada school attendance requirement […]

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