Month: February 2017

Property owners owe duties of care to keep their premises reasonably safe for visitors to their property, but most trespassers are exempted — except children. Generally, people who are present on another’s property and injured by a dangerous condition that exists on the property may not recover damages from the property owner in premises liability lawsuits. However, the law provides […]

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Dangerous and Defective Toys are a Growing Concern

The Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates the safety of children’s toys in the U.S. Toy manufacturers are expected to follow safety standards and regulations to prevent accidents and injuries, however, a personal injury attorney Las Vegas sees many injuries that are caused by dangerous and defective toys. Safety Standards and Regulations The Consumer Product Safety Commission has some the strictest […]

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When Man’s Best Friend Attacks in Nevada

Approximately 4.5 million victims are bitten by a dog in the United States every year. That equals a dog bite about every 75 seconds. Many of these dog attacks are so severe that they require immediate medical attention, and about 1,000 victims need emergency treatment every day due to dog bite injuries. Although some injuries are relatively minor, other cause […]

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