Month: January 2017

Who’s Responsible for Injuries at the Gym?

Every year, thousands of people are injured while working out at the gym. Injuries range from pulled muscles and minor sprains to serious torn ligaments, fractures and broken bones. Many of those injuries constitute premises liability claims filed with a premises liability lawyer. Common Gym Injuries With a variety of exercise equipment, heavy weights, and indoor racquet ball courts, injuries […]

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How A Minor’s Personal Injury Claim Is Handled

Nevada personal injury cases filed on behalf of minor plaintiffs are handled differently to ensure that their settlements are fair and their rights protected. A personal injury attorney in Las Vegas understands how the process differs when an injured victim is a minor. In order for a settlement to be binding for a minor, it must first be approved by […]

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In an automobile accident involving an autonomous vehicle, there are a number of people and companies who could be accountable for the crash. As driverless cars take to the road, liability in accidents involving these vehicles is an emerging field of law for lawyers in Las Vegas. Indeed, Nevada was one of the first states to allow driverless vehicles onto the road.

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