Month: November 2016

Rollback of Safety Rules Feared

Trucking industry lobbyists are aiming to get safety regulations rolled back, and safety experts worry that the incoming administration and the Republican-controlled Congress will do just that. The American Trucking Association succeeded recently in convincing Republican lawmakers to block new safety regulations by the Obama administration, and the group indicated that it will return with new lobbying efforts when Congress […]

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Law enforcement officers across Nevada have teamed up in an effort to reduce the number of fatalities caused by car accidents in the state. Officers will be patrolling Southern Nevada and keeping a close eye out for speeders, who are often responsible for crashes. This is part of a statewide initiative that is focused on prevention. Between 2014 and 2015, fatalities caused by car accidents increased by over 31 percent in Las Vegas. Speeding accounts for around 30 percent of fatal accidents. Failure to obey traffic signs and distracted driving are also leading causes of fatalities in Nevada. Less frequent causes include faulty vehicle parts or poor road design.

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What an Aging Truck Driver Population  Means

According to recent investigations, there is an aging truck driver population in the U.S. Reports show that 10 percent of current drivers who operate large commercial trucks on the road are over the age of 65, and some are in their 70s and 80s. Lawyers in Las Vegas often see trucking accidents on Nevada highways that involve aging drivers. The […]

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