Month: October 2016

Proving Liability In Nevada Involving Open And Obvious Hazards

When a person is on the property of another either as a guest or in order to conduct business and is injured by an open and obvious hazard, he or she may still be able to hold the owner liable by proving several things. Open and obvious hazards used to be treated as bars to liability in Nevada, but the […]

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Lithium Ion Batteries are a Burning Hot Commodity

Lithium ion batteries can catch fire and explode without warning. These fires and explosions can cause burns and lead to the inhalation of toxic fumes as the batteries and plastic components of the device combust. The Death of the Galaxy Note 7 Problems with the batteries contained within Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 led the company to cease production and recall […]

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Pedestrian Fatalities in Las Vegas Higher than Other Cities

National statistics reveal that there is an unusually high rate of pedestrian accidents in Nevada. Sadly, many of these accidents result in severe, disabling injuries and even death. According to the Las Vegas Sun, there were 92 pedestrian fatalities in the state between January 1, 2015 and February 26, 2016. In Las Vegas, pedestrian accidents have become an epidemic, with […]

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