Month: September 2016

Injured on the Slopes: Who is Liable?

When an individual is injured at a ski resort in Nevada, in many cases the facility is protected from liability under the inherent risks exclusions. This is not always the case, however. There are some situations in which injuries sustained at a ski resort fall under premises liability law. What is Inherent Risk? Inherent risk situations are typically defined as […]

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The Dangers of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries available in consumer elecronics are prone to catching fire and causing serious personal injuries in the process. Utilized for their performance and powerful capabilities, Li-ion batteries have a checkered history that’s full of failures. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 The most recent series of failures involve the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The much anticipated cell phone had a […]

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Controversy Surrounds Nevada DUI Laws

Laws regarding driving under the influence in Nevada are stirring up controversy, especially when it comes to marijuana use. Groups such as AAA suggest that science does not support the laws as they are currently written. Nevada‚Äôs DUI Laws DUI laws in Nevada first gained national attention in 2000 when a woman who had smoked marijuana the night before fell […]

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