Month: August 2016

What is the “Open and Obvious” Doctrine in Nevada

A business owner may be liable for an injury suffered from a slip and fall, even where the danger is open and obvious. In Nevada, slip and fall injuries commonly result in lawsuits filed against businesses with a premises liability lawyer. What is the “Open and Obvious” Doctrine? According to legal terms, the “open and obvious” doctrine is a defense […]

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Casinos And Their Responsibilities To Patrons

A trip to the casino is meant to be a fun respite from day-to-day activities, but sometimes the casino fails to use the proper protocols to keep visitors safe. An injury can come from any number of sources inside the casino, but most of the cases a personal injury lawyer pursues fall into one of three categories. Food Poisoning Casinos […]

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New Technological Tools To Monitor Teen Driving

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for teens, leading parents to seek more protection for their young drivers. Three new pieces of technology are available to help parents monitor the driving habits of their teens, and lower the number of teen driving accidents. Drive Cameras The most active form of monitoring is through the use of driver cameras. […]

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