Why It’s Important to Take Photos After a Car Accident

Taking photos following a car accident is often an overlooked step, but it can be crucial later in a car accident claim. The top priority for people involved in a car accident should be to determine the condition of themselves and the others involved in the accident, calling the police, getting to a safer location, and seeking emergency medical assistance when necessary, but taking photos is also important.

How Car Accident Photos Can Impact a Case

Photos from the scene of an auto accident can show clear proof of the accident, as well as provide possible indicators of what caused the accident. They can also show the extent of damages that victims suffered as a result of the accident. Photos can show everything from injuries and vehicle damage to details such as nearby traffic signs and those present at the scene. Photos are also ideal for supporting a specific version of events, as people may have unreliable memories of the incident.

In the end, photos can help claimants get the full compensation they deserve for injuries and damages if they support their argument.

What People Should Photograph Following an Accident

There are several items that people should take photos of once an accident has occurred, when capable, including:

  • Property damage – This damage includes all internal and external damage to vehicles, nearby buildings, roadways, or traffic signs.
  • Injuries – Photos should clearly show all injuries that victims endured, as soon as possible following the accident. Certain injuries such as bruises may not show up until a few days after the accident, but they should be photographed as soon as they appear.
  • Traffic signs – Nearby traffic signs are also clear indicators of what caused an accident and who was at fault. For instance, a large tree or other obstruction may make a nearby sign more difficult to see, presenting a factor that may have resulted in a crash.
  • Witnesses, police officers, and other drivers and passengers – This is crucial because victims may not recall all of the people present at the scene of the accident, and may want to be able to contact them later to speak with them or want them to come in for testimony.
  • Vehicle details – Take photos of license plates, vehicle makes and models, insurance, driver’s licenses, and registration information.

Once you have gathered all of the photographs needed, consult with a car accident lawyer to help you receive compensation.

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