New Technological Tools To Monitor Teen Driving

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for teens, leading parents to seek more protection for their young drivers. Three new pieces of technology are available to help parents monitor the driving habits of their teens, and lower the number of teen driving accidents.

Drive Cameras

The most active form of monitoring is through the use of driver cameras. Parents install the system in the teen’s car, and then the parents can access the cameras whenever they want. The cameras provide real-time information about how the teen is driving, and more importantly, reveals information other systems cannot measure. Parents watching on the cameras will know if their child is driving while eating/drinking, taking their attention off of the road to talk to passengers, or permitting other people to drive the car.

Smartphone Shutdown

The biggest problem for teen drivers is the high number of distractions, namely notifications and communication through their smartphone. New apps and monitoring systems disable smartphone features when a teen is behind the wheel, greatly reducing the chance of a wreck that requires a car accident lawyer. The most hi-tech of the smartphone apps use the phone’s GPS to determine the speed the teen is traveling. When the speed is over 10 mph, the app shuts down all non-emergency services, including texting, email, and calling. If a teen attempts to work around the app by disabling it, parents receive an immediate alert.

Driving Habit Records

Finally, parents can install monitors that track important metrics that indicate high risk behaviors. The behaviors include:

  • Speed
  • Geolocation
  • Hard braking
  • Acceleration
  • Turn speed

When a teen exceeds safe limits, the system triggers an auditory warning. Continued violations may cause an automatic response from the vehicle,including limiting radio volume, or capping the maximum speed.

Parents can then use the data to have an informed discussion with their child about driving habits, so parents are able to address dangerous habits before they become ingrained in the teen’s driving patterns. Some of the systems are sponsored by insurance companies, who may offer rebates or discounts to families who use the monitors.

Adding safety measures to increase driver safety reduces the number of wrecks a car accident lawyer handles, but makes the road a safer place for all drivers. These measures are the cutting-edge of parent monitoring technology, but new tools become available every day.

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