Failure to Vaccinate Is Making People Sick

Parents throughout the nation have chosen to opt out of routine childhood vaccinations, and as a result, the health and well-being of young children and the elderly are at stake. When victims become sick or lose their lives as a result of the failure to vaccinate, patients or their surviving family members can file a personal injury claim for negligence against those who chose not to follow societal protections.

Failure to Vaccinate Is a Deadly Epidemic

As a movement spreads against vaccination, parents and students need to be leery of the consequences of inaction. Failing to vaccinate in accordance with recommendations can be a cause of personal injury to others. Opting out places the unvaccinated child at risk for contracting disease and it exposes other children, people with compromised immune systems, and the elderly at risk for serious illness or death. Disease outbreaks in the United States can be traced back to people who have chosen to opt out of the regular vaccination process. Measles and similar diseases became a forgotten worry because vaccination rates in the United States remained high for decades.

  • Measles is Fast Spreading – It has a reproduction rate of 12 to 18 people for every person it infects.
  • Measles Carry Critical Risks – Measles can cause brain damage and even death.
  • Deadly Issue – 1 in 5,000 people who are not protected from measles will die from it.
  • Unvaccinated Children Carry Greater Risk – If a child remains unvaccinated, he or she has a 35,000 times greater risk of dying from disease than of winning the PowerBall lottery.
  • Rate of Unvaccinated People On the Rise – For example, in California, the rate has risen to at least 13 percent or greater.

Defending the Rights of Patients

Families who make vaccination choices that are detrimental to the health of others in American society can face civil penalties. Families should demand that children who are unvaccinated be banned from entering their school system. Certain states already created legislation making it harder to refuse unvaccinated students into their school systems. If enough people vaccinate against a particular disease, up to 95 percent of the population can remain immune and protected. If a child becomes ill as a result of an unvaccinated person, it may be possible to prove in court that circumstances that brought about a child’s illness were caused by the unvaccinated party and the responsibility for medical expenses and other damages could fall to them.

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