Casinos And Their Responsibilities To Patrons

A trip to the casino is meant to be a fun respite from day-to-day activities, but sometimes the casino fails to use the proper protocols to keep visitors safe. An injury can come from any number of sources inside the casino, but most of the cases a personal injury lawyer pursues fall into one of three categories.

Food Poisoning

Casinos employ hundreds of workers in the restaurants and food carts on their premises. Any one of these employees can violate basic food safety regulations, causing an outbreak. Examples of recent food poisoning cases in Nevada include:

  • E. coli—Caused by under cooked meat, especially red meat
  • Listeria—Most often seen when restaurants mishandle canned foods or frozen fruits/vegetables
  • Staphylococcus—Generally seen in instances where restaurants allowed food to sit outside the food safety zone

A personal injury lawyer can hold the casino and the restaurant management company responsible for failure to train employees on food safety procedures, or failure to provide adequate protection to consumers.

Slip And Falls

A slip and fall accident is any accident where a victim is injured by slipping or tripping and falls onto another surface. A personal injury lawyer must be able to prove that the defendant knew the situation was dangerous and did nothing to prevent the accident. Slip and fall accidents are frequent in casinos because of the size of the floor space and the number of potential hazards.

Slip and fall accidents cause injuries to all parts of the body, and may require long-term medical care. A personal injury lawyer must be able to properly assess the current and future medical needs of the client in order to seek fair compensation.

Premises Safety

Casino patrons are prime targets for theft and assault, and it is the responsibility of the casino to provide adequate security for patrons. A casino may supply security through both physical and electronic monitoring. Physically, the casino may employ security guards on the casino floor and the parking lot, while electronic coverage may include video camera coverage throughout the casino.

If a client is injured through the actions of a third party, a personal injury lawyer can pursue compensation by showing the casino did not have a sufficient number of guards, working electronic surveillance, or proper emergency response procedures.

Casinos have a legal responsibility to keep their guest safe and secure. A casino that fails to do so must be held accountable for its failures by an attorney.

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